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Burley Browne are actively involved in the acquisition of all types of commercial property.

Employing the services of Burley Browne to identify suitable premises and negotiate the terms on your behalf will save your business money, now and in the future.

The key negotiation points where Burley Browne can help generate value include:

  • Rent / Price – Burley Browne specialise in rent and sale price negotiations. With our knowledge of the market, the advice we provide secures you the best possible terms.
  • Incentive packages – we have expert knowledge of the financial incentives being secured in the market. This information, together with an unrivalled knowledge of landlords, means that we can identify opportunities to secure creative packages to meet specific occupier needs.
  • Lease terms Most standard leases use FRI lease terms. Through our understanding of the tenants liability to such terms and our technical knowledge of buildings, we can look to reduce a tenants exposure to significant repair and maintenance costs when moving in, in occupation and on exiting your lease.
  • Lease structure we know the current trends in the market and can manage expectations on length of lease and lease flexibility, rent reviews, penalty clauses and options to extend. This knowledge allows us to agree the most appropriate structure for your business.
  • Strategy – to secure the best possible terms, you need to strategize your approach. Given the demands and pressures of your day to day job, do you have the time to create competition between two or three suitable options and negotiate the best possible terms for your business? Employing Burley Browne to acquire premises on your behalf will deliver this result for you.
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David Hemming MRICS
Joint Managing Director - Commercial Agency & Investment